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01 June 2010 @ 06:22 pm
Is it bad that I regularly watch the episode Dream On from Glee just to hear NPH wail on the last part of his duet with Matt Morrison? I mean, I have the song downloaded, but... I like watching both boys run around on stage man-diva-ing it up. And Neil is awesome. And I really wish they'd release a full version of Piano Man. I really, really do.

B-T-Dub, HIMYM finale? SO unimpressed. But that's okay, because now I'm working on my costume for Dickens Faire! .... Yes, it's not until December, but oh well! I'm doin' it.
Apathy in regards to the current season of HIMYM has let me miss more than a few episodes, which I in my recently newfound free time decided catch up on. This was my vague hope that I'd be able to re-watch them to catch all the new tunes for the Megamix. I'll still do it, but I won't rewatch more than I must. After all this, I ask:

What the HELL are the writers doing to our show? Is there such a thing as character UNdevelopement? I feel it's what they're using to destroy Robin.

I think my next Megamix update will be the zip file at the end of the season. End of the series? Who knows.
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17 November 2009 @ 02:28 pm
This morning I drove a good friend to SFO well before the buttcrack of dawn. He's flying out to Hawaii to visit his girlfriend whom he hasn't seen since she went back to school in August. We enjoyed the end of the Leonid meteor shower en route to the airport and had a nice, if still drowsy talk. After I dropped him off at the terminal and bid him farewell, I plugged in my iPod and decided I needed a musical to keep me awake on the return trip.

Having recently gone through 'Light in the Piazza', 'Legally Blonde' and 'Spamalot', I settled on 'Jekyll and Hyde'. After listening to the entirety of my compilation of various performances on my drive home, I've come to a few conclusions:

1.) Anthony Warlow is an orgasmic-voiced badass.
2.) Linda Eder is still my favorite Lucy.
3.) There used to be this video of this kid on Youtube doing an INTENSE rendition of The Confrontation-- he won some kind of crazy award at a high school broadway festival... but I can't find the link to share it! It must've been removed... D:
4.) Two songs from this musical I believe could (and perhaps should!) be picked up by the cast of Glee: In His Eyes, to be performed by Rachel and Quinn; and even though I see Rachel more fitting to role of Lucy, Puck and Quinn should sing Dangerous Game.

Man, I really wish I could find the clip of that HS kid singing the Confrontation... it was epic. Suffice it to say I was happy with my audio choice. It, and the triple-shot latte, made my one class this morning a fun affair.

On another note, I know I've been slacking on the HIMYM Music... I need to re-watch a few episodes, hunt some things down, ect. ect.... But I'm not sure if I have the heart. The most recent episodes haven't been quite up to scratch, and one of my friends spoilered me for next week's episode. Fortunately, Glee, Heroes, and Big Bang Theory continue to satisfy. Finale of Project Runway this week is something else to look forward to.
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26 October 2009 @ 08:00 pm
What's with the fucking rerun, HIMYM? Way to put the rancid cherry on top of the shit sundae that was today.

I want to smash something and smash it now. But I have a two essays to write, a German test to study for, star coordinates to learn, two self-portraits to draw, make a new sourdough starter, and finish the lab coat for my boyfriend's Halloween costume. RAWR.

On the up side, I'm going to try and be Raptor Jesus for Halloween, myself. Depending on if I can make the raptor head or not.

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29 September 2009 @ 03:53 pm
So far, Season 5 is lookin' pretty good! Double Date has far surpassed Best Burger, and there was so much I like about it. L'anyhoodle, I know what you guys are here for, so here's the music for this week's ep!

5.02 Double Date
Disc 5 of the Megamix continues with "Rewind" by Goldspot.
Download it now, or wait it out until December when all the songs of the first half of season 5 get condensed into a RAR.

Megamix Note:
The shiny, newly revamped How I Met Your Megamix can be found here.

Megamix Patch 2 has been re-completed, save for one song. I thought I had it on my computer, but now it is mysteriously missing... Anyways. "Love Is Strange" by Mickey and Sylvia, if there are any Dirty Dancing fans out there that care to share...
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The background of the Most Epic of All Epic Music Compilations is finally COMPLETE! (Or... as complete as I can make it.) All the music featured in episodes throughout the first four seasons has been tracked down and mashed together to be enjoyed by rabid HIMYM fans and general music-lovers alike.

What’s this you say? You’ve already downloaded most of the Megamix from the original post and are only missing the songs that were found and posted recently? No worries! The Megamix Patch 2 is the RAR for you!
(List of songtitles included in Megamix Patch 2 can be found here.)

However, if you’ve not encountered this before: below, in all it’s completed glory, the How I Met Your Megamix resides; songs that have been featured in all four-and-counting seasons of our beloved show. For the sake of my sanity, I’ve separated them by season. Please, download and enjoy!

A great mix is ALL. RISE.Collapse )

On a final note, a big giant ENORMOUS thank you to everyone who’s helped me track down missing songs. This Megamix would not have been possible without you guys!
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22 September 2009 @ 10:30 am

After being AWOL all summer, there was no way I could come back without bearing gifts of tunes. Here, the first of many!

5.01 Definitions
Disc 5 of the How I Met Your Megamix begins with a catchy little number, 'Oxford Comma' by Vampire Weekend, followed by the good ol' Indiana Jones Theme (composed by John Williams), polishing off the music for this ep. Oh and btw, TED IS SO INDY. xD

You can download both new tracks HERE or wait until December when I'll mash the first half of Season 5 music into a big zip folder.


On a related Megamix note:Collapse )
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30 May 2009 @ 01:02 pm
After re-watching all four seasons again, I compiled a list of songs that are keeping the How I Met Your Megamix from being complete.

GREEN songs have been found and added.

RED songs are still missing.

As they are found, green items will be added to their respective Season Disc Folders.

Edit B: Now that everything is in green, all songs have been Rar'd into the Megamix Patch 2.

Edit A: Holy hand grenades, Batman! The Patch is done! blandinavian basically knocked out this entire list single-handedly in one epic swoop... nice! And THANKS!!

How I Met Your Megamix: Patch 2

Song Artist Episode It’s From
Give Up The Funk George Clinton Where Were We?
If I Could Split Kite Flying Society Singles Stamina
I’ve Had The Time of My Life Bill Medley First Time in New York
Ooh Child Five Stairsteps The Platinum Rule
Beautiful Beat Nada Surf No Tomorrow
Boys Don’t Cry Grant Lee Phillips Where Were We?
Skyway The Replacements Singles Stamina
Always Love Nada Surf First Time in New York
Twilight Voices Guided by Voices Columns
Nine Words Oppenheimer Lucky Penny
No One Here The 88 Something Blue
Sea Green, See Blue Jaymay Something Blue
Here Comes A Regular The Replacements Showdown
November Rain Guns n’ Roses Something Borrowed
Ladies’s Choice Mandy Moore Wait For It
Nothing That You Are Mandy Moore Wait For It
Somebody’s Me Enrique Iglesias We’re Not From Here
Passenger Side Wilco Third Wheel
Commit The Blakes Little Boys
Save It For a Rainy Day Jayhawks How I Met Everyone Else
I Am A Scientist Guided by Voices How I Met Everyone Else
Black Tears Miss Derringer The Platinum Rule
Siobhan The Tossers No Tomorrow
The Painter I’m From Barcelona Everything Must Go
Vertigo Anya Marina The Stinsons
Cecelia Simon and Garfunkle Right Place, Right Time
Prophets AC Newman The Leap
Still Alright Adam Merrin of The 88 Slapsgiving
Love is Strange Mickey and Sylvia First Time in New York
We’re #1 The World Record Aldrin Justice
Jump Up Reggae Revolution Little Boys
Monday Mike & the Gypsys Shelter Island
Goovin' To: Give Up The Funk -- George Clinton
I feel I must explain and apologize for the lack of fics and megamix now that classes are over until August. Sailing on the USS DrinkytownCollapse )
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21 May 2009 @ 02:15 am
This entry is going to be me spazzing about the pilot of Glee, among other things. A warning: this is all very scattered. I'm sleepy, and full of happy. :D

Glee, HIMYM, Heroes, and Pushing Daisies.Collapse )

My head aches from the explosions of awesomeness. Time to sleep. <3
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